Thorne Berry UK  is a European pharmaceutical company based in London, United Kingdom. We are known to be proactive in bringing cost-effectiveness to  our healthcare clients.

Through our Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Distribution business, Thorne Berry UK fulfills orders from hundreds of manufacturing plants in its  supply chain to channel sales. Our outreach includes 60,000 USA pharmacies and all of the Caribbean, Central American and Latin American Territories.

Specialized in Generics and Medical Devices

Thorne Berry UK is organized into two main activities:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices

Each of our specialties offers a wide range of services to fulfill a need within critical aspects of our industry.  We understand that as a distributor, your business requires cutting edge services, timely deliveries and top quality. In order to achieve success, a product needs to stand out, be commercially viable, and offer the best possible pricing.

Our focus is to work side by side with our clients whether  their business is lead time challenging or requires very specific technology. In order to complete our help to our clients complete their cycle, we engage in research, testing and development.